image.She knew there was a reason she wanted to stay away from that mountain. 

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… Why? Is it really necessary to do my hair, put this… make up on me and the jewelry just to take photos? I mean honestly, the jewelry and the make up are coming off in the arena! akldjalks

nerves are getting to me, I need something to complain about. 

Of course, I’d never really voice this out loud… 


“You suggested it. But that does’t matter, I’m telling you now, it’s not going to happen.” Katniss called down, her tone was flat and removed “Two clear teams? There are more than a few alliances actually, maybe you’ll have an easier time trying to work your way into them, or create your own.” she rolled her eyes “I don’t know why i’m even talking to you about this”

Katniss swung down from the tree, no longer wanting to watch the other tributes train. She glared at the girl, she was making the exact same proposition as Aidan had, and her answer had not changed. “That wouldn’t benefit me at all, no.” Katniss sighed, she didn’t want to leave the girl stranded, especially when she could see so much of herself in her, but helping her meant another ally, and allies were more people she would have to kill to save Peeta. Killing was bad enough when you didn’t know the tributes, were removed from the situation, but despite her protestations, she had found herself liking the tributes in her alliance. Rue’s death last year proved how hard it was to watch people she cared about die, so no, she could not afford to let anyone else in.

"Yes, there are several but there are two clear strong ones.” She rolled her eyes, honestly Katniss could be so insanely pig headed sometimes, only hearing what it was she wanted to hear. “And I’m accepting that, just telling you the truth. I’ve already told you that I’m not trying to force myself into your group or anything of the sort. I’ll go in alone, it’s fine. Don’t have to worry about friendships then.” She closed her eyes and turned her back towards the other girl and focused back on her paint, god she couldn’t stand the fucking Capitol, making her fight to the death the first time, bringing her back to life, essentially forcing her to befriend those that’d killed her last time, just to start the hell all over again. 

She bit her tongue when Katniss mentioned that the other suggestion wouldn’t benefit her, Cassia could list a few ways it would, but of course she wouldn’t, she didn’t want to piss off Katniss anymore than she likely already had. “Really Katniss, it’s fine. I’ll drop the subject. I’ll talk to Zach if I ever see him or something, see what he’s got planned, if he’ll talk to me. If not, I’ll just talk strategy with Johanna.” She shrugged indifferently yet again before looking over her shoulder to the other girl a very small, almost non-existence smile on her face. “If I can’t make it out of there alive, I really hope you’re able to get Peeta out. He deserves it, and remember what I said about seven, the ceder forest is heaven.” She was almost tempted to bring up the morbid subject of death, the words almost escaping her lips. The soft plea of a quick death if it was brought down between herself and the other girl, she couldn’t see herself killing Katniss, the two were too similar in someways. She just couldn’t do it, instead she just shook her head slightly and grabbed a brush with green paint, making it look like her finger tips were covered in moss. 

I’m ready. 

Dancing around kinda bored. 

My stylist has been trying to figure out what to do with me for the interview for a few hours now…


Being paraded around and photographed